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5 Ways We Can All Connect During Times of Social Distancing

Obviously at this point in time, safety and social distancing are our top priorities. But that doesn’t mean that connecting with others has to stop. A sense of connection and human interaction is vital to our well being – especially now. Consider the following ways you can stay connected to friends, loved ones and family during this difficult time:

1: Window side visits – Just seeing a loved one, even if separated by a pane of glass is therapeutic. Window side visits allow families to visit loved ones while keeping everyone safe. These visits can provide just the needed emotional support a loved one needs. It allows you to gauge their mood and provide an emotional boost for all of you.

2. Live video chat – The next best thing to being there in person, video chat allows everyone to share stories and connect from the comfort of their home. Video chat is opening up a whole new world to many people that are being introduced to it for the first time (especially the elderly). Now distant friends and families can stay better connected virtually moving forward.

3. Exchanging pictures – Sharing pictures are a great way of showing what’s happening in your life currently, or just reminiscing old times and memories.

4. Surprise drop off gifts – Who doesn’t like a surprise? Make someone’s day by dropping off something special and show how much you care about them!

5. Phone calls – Simply hearing the voices of people who are dear to us helps to support our human need for social contact. So don’t forget how much a simple phone call can mean.