Our team is dedicated to serving others in need. No matter your role, know that you're making a difference.


Our team is dedicated to serving others in need. No matter your role, know that you're making a difference.

Join the Sunrise Team

We welcome you to become a valued member of Sunrise and make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

We are committed to providing our employees with an enriching and rewarding environment. As an employee of Sunrise, we provide you with the resources, tools and support you need to serve our individuals in the best way possible.

We seek and develop emerging talent. As a Sunrise employee, you will implement the strategies that help us deliver quality services across to our network. Your personal growth is important to us. While our performance expectations are significant, so is our dedication to each employee’s success. Start an exciting career and join the Sunrise team today!


Your health and well-being are of vital concern to Sunrise. To help support your quality of life we focus on helping you navigate through the nationally rising costs of healthcare and insurance. We work with the top insurance companies and providers to offer excellent coverage and reasonable co-pays for you and your dependents including access to primary and specialist physicians and urgent care clinics. Your annual wellness visit is provided at no additional cost to you!

At Sunrise, we offer our employees carefully vetted health care options in each state; and we provide a significant contribution toward the total premium to reduce your cost

As an employee of Sunrise, you can elect to participate in an FSA (Flexible Spending Account). A Health Care FSA offers you the opportunity to pay for copayments, deductibles, prescription drugs and other health care related expenses with deductions from your payroll. Once enrolled into the Health Care FSA, you can contribute funds into one of our health insurance plans. Put simply, because FSA is a tax-deferred savings account, you, as an employee, will see immediate savings to the amount you contribute to the plan.

We also offer you a separate Dependent Care FSA which allows tax-free payroll dollars to be used for payment of eligible child dependent care expenses not covered or reimbursed by any other source.

At Sunrise, we understand that you do everything you can for your loved ones, not because you have to, but because you want to. Life insurance can provide peace of mind for your family.

We offer you a company-sponsored life insurance policy with a benefit of $15,000. (Benefit amounts are reduced beginning at age 65.) You also have the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance at group rates.

Planning for retirement is essential. At Sunrise, we know how important it is to build, preserve, and manage wealth. That’s why we offer you a 403(b) retirement package with a company paid match program, much like a traditional 401K plan. Sunrise partners with a leading provider of retirement services, with years of experience in retirement planning, to deliver a comprehensive financial tool to help you plan and save for your retirement.

Your financial planner will take the time to get to know you and understand all the factors in your financial life. They will design a personalized financial plan to help you achieve your goals. The services of the financial planner are complimentary. Your goal is a financially secure and comfortable retirement. Our goal is to help you get there.

It’s a fact, our fast-paced work schedules keep us all on-the-go. Too often we find ourselves neglecting the need to see a dentist on a regular basis. What’s more, today’s digital lifestyles keep us all more connected than ever to a mobile device or computer. Your dental and visual health are important to your overall enjoyment of life.

At Sunrise, we offer you and your family a variety of dental and vision coverage options specifically designed to meet your financial and health care needs.

At Sunrise we support our employees’ career goals by offering a competitive educational assistance program. We encourage our employees to pursue career paths within the industry. With minimum requirements for eligibility, you, as an employee, can take advantage of our Educational Assistance Program.

At Sunrise, eligible employees may participate in the Educational Assistance Program after just one year of employment. The program also provides financial assistance to applicable professional certifications and license.

“Through our investment in you, we grow together!”

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect your financial well-being in the event of a serious accident or illness. You can tailor your benefit package to best meet your needs.

At Sunrise, we offer employees and their families voluntary benefit products including critical illness, accident insurance and short term disability at competitive group rates provided by a leading insurance company.

You Make a Difference

At Sunrise, our greatest asset is our employees; and supporting you is our top priority. This includes providing competitive benefits for our employees and their families.

We go above and beyond to provide our employees with the training, skills, education, benefits, and experience to reach their career goals. We care about our employees’ health including physical, dental and vision. We offer benefits that are geared towards making a positive contribution to the well-being of our employees.

Additionally, life insurance and retirement planning are key areas of focus for our organization. We continue to invest in you, our employee.

Why? Because you make a difference.