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Happy Retirement to Michael J. Hart!

4.6 years—that is how long the average person will stay at a job. Michael J. Hart, Vice President of Customer Service and Operations Support, decided to multiply that by 8. After 37 years, Michael is retiring from Sunrise. His career with Sunrise started when the organization was based entirely in Florida. During his time with Sunrise, Michael has taken on several roles… twelve to be exact. 

Although there were challenging moments throughout his career, Michael embraced those moments and continued to work hard on behalf of the people that Sunrise supports. It is that very perspective and sentiment that have made Michael a valued member of the Sunrise organization for so many years. Whether Michael was urging hostile citizens to remain calm and understand the need for a community home in their neighborhood or exchanging a warm embrace with a parent—he has always overcome the odds to continue making a difference. 

We will see you down the road, Michael. Enjoy the retirement you undoubtedly deserve. Your legacy and impact will be lasting. 

“Michael, with his calm and fun demeanor, has contributed to the careers of many long-term staff in ways that are appreciated by those who had a privilege to serve beside him. Each day may we be reminded that we have at least 12 choices that can lead to our success. Making good choices is hard and requires patience, honest reflection, diligence, and commitment. The good news is Michael chose to make his career at Sunrise, and we are the beneficiaries of his excellent, exceptional and extraordinary legacy.” – Suzanne Benitez, Policies and Procedures Coordinator

“We had the pleasure of working with someone with a great sense of humor and can bake some of the best brownies. These will be two difficult goodbyes, but it is time to give you a break and allow you to venture to new horizons. Enjoy your retirement!” – Brenda Bonilla, Human Resources Regional Representative

“While I know you have not missed the 4 am get-ups, to be on an open field to work logistics, I know how hard you worked with building those relationships with others on behalf of Sunrise, getting the message out about the mission and how they could assist. Thank you for all “grillions” of hours of work you performed.” – Marcella Henry, Compliance Officer

“Michael has always remained someone that I truly admire and respect, both personally and professionally. The world would be a better place if we had a few more like him. While I’ll miss my friend and colleague, I’ll remain grateful for Michael’s advice, guidance, wisdom, and fellowship. All these qualities come naturally to Michael. It’s a rare few that can pull it off without trying.  Also, nobody rocks the no-maintenance hairstyle like Michael Hart.” – Gregory Jones, Quality Enhancement Specialist

“My thought is our experiences were often rewarding, sometimes tragic, but always worth our commitment and dedication.  It was evident to me during all your thirty-seven years of service you never thought otherwise.  Please never have a doubt about your accomplishments.  You have made an invaluable contribution to Sunrise’s success and like all of us who retire, your efforts will remain imbedded the Sunrise Legacy.” – Les Leech, Former CEO

“It is hard to pay homage to such a long friendship by citing a few memories, but please know that these and many more are treasured and will be recalled often. Michael, it really has been fun working with you over the years, and I am grateful for all you taught me along the way, your ability to find the good in almost every situation, and especially for your friendship.” – Sherri Potter, Administrative Officer

“Michael held numerous positions during his 36-year career at Sunrise, and was a valued member of the Senior Leadership team.  Michael was an ambassador for National Headquarters and was known throughout the organization for his exceptional customer service and willingness to assist in any way that he could.  His unwavering dedication and commitment to the organization and to the Sunrise mission is something that we should all strives towards.” – Zach Wray, President & Chief Executive Officer