The Sunrise Group
Focused and Committed

Sunrise is one of the largest, private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations in the country dedicated to serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Much of the organization’s early growth can be attributed to assisting state agencies with deinstitutionalization efforts, and in more recent years, Sunrise has welcomed smaller companies in need of assistance or support into the Sunrise Group. As a result, over the last 50 years Sunrise has increased the number of persons served from 50 people in just South Florida to over 2,000 across several states with over 3,000 exceptional employees.

Main Florida Office Location

At Sunrise we pride ourselves
in taking an individualized
approach in addressing the
unique needs of each person
seeking or receiving services.

These customized services are for people of all ages and abilities, ranging from minimal support and supervision to the most complex medical and behavioral supports. Using innovative, person centered approaches, we work with people to ensure they have a choice, and make sure that their services properly support them in achieving higher levels of independence, self-determination, personal responsibility and access to the community.

Creating valued lives for people with disabilities.

This has always been the primary focus and is engrained in the culture of the organization. With a long history and proven track record we will continue to build upon the organization’s past and look forward into the future.